All children want to have toys. Always. More and more toys. In the end, you don’t know where to put those toys, and your kid is asking for one more when you visit any toy store again. And toy stores don’t buy toys back, unfortunately.

That’s why we decide to create a toy store which buys toys back – for you to get rid of what is outgrown and for your kid – to get something new. The Same situation is with children’s books: what to do with those you don’t read anymore? We have a solution: you can always sell us kids books as well as children’s clothes, shoes, and toys.

Our toy store has more than 2000 toys of well-known brands, such as Fisher Price, Vtech, Leapfrog and much more. Besides that, we have more than 1000 children’s books, and these numbers constantly grow.

And, finally, a few examples of our toys pricing: